Sunday, December 03, 2006

OracleAS JVM Analysis in Application Server Control

Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised by some of the technologies your colleagues put out. I was in a meeting with the Application Server Control folks last week and was reminded that a fair bit of work was done around JVM analysis in OracleAS 10.1.3 Application Server Control.

Check these screen shots below out:

1. Starting with a quick look at how your heap is doing on your OracleAS instance (remember if you browse my blog, I am running a 6 instance OC4J OracleAS cluster on my laptop). On this one I have two JVMs running this OC4J:

2. At the bottom of this page, there is a more detailed link to look at the 2 JVM's that that summarized heap usage represents taking me down to statistics summarizing each JVM:

3. Then I can click on that JVM and see more breakdowns on CPI, active threads, response and load. At the bottom of this page there is one more button which asks me whether I am using Java SE 5.0 which in turns I can turn on specific MBeans to monitor it. Before clicking that I have to configure OracleAS to monitor those Mbeans as an optional performance monitoring option.

4. In the server properties, it is a one click option to start up monitoring of the Java SE 5.0 Mbeans:

5. And when I return to the last page I couldn't show before I see more detailed analysis of the threads, memory pools, resource usage, number of classes loaded amongst others:

Would be very interested in other metrics and performance issues you would like to see - my personal area of interest that I see customers facing is capturing this kind of information sensibly for analysis in a cluster versus on a per JVM basis ... which one of my JVMs is misbehaving and how can I now get a sensible thread dump to do the analysis.

Your views on the utility of this in your management console and what you really need versus surfacing well known metrics would be great. Thanks!

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